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Let's Activate.
Live a life of purpose and passion.

Frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self worth, challenges, and fear create the trajectory and quality of our lives. 


You know you were made for more, you crave more, but you don't know what the next step is. I feel you. I was there. 


You are worthy of having an abundant life and it will be here a lot sooner than you think. Revelations, opportunities, ultimate health, and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams is waiting for you. 


You just need a guide. Tony is a master at identifying the blind spots we all have and will escort you from your current life...to your desired life.  It's time to discover your Mojo. It's time to get activated!

Follow your heart it knows the way.

Symphonic Activation Experience 

Tony has paired his passion to help others heal and his love and gift for music to create a powerful healing experience for you.  His Symphonic Activation Experience combines different modalities, hypnotic language, unique instruments and guided meditation to truly create a journey to the soul of who we are.  


Sound healing is one of the most influential ways to heal and has the following benefits: 

  • stress reduction

  • decreased anxiety and depression

  • improved memory

  • reduced blood pressure

  • pain reduction

  • lower cholesterol

  • decreased risk of heart disease and stroke


Tony's life has been dedicated to healing and serving. His journey has been challenging to say the least, but he has overcome all obstacles and built an empire from nothing. He's done the work, he's found his passion and his purpose.  And now he is here to guide you through your work. He has the blueprint to help you live a life of passion and purpose too. You were born for more. You already know this, otherwise you wouldn't be here right now. Let's connect and get you on the right path.

If you don't self educate you self medicate.

A guide to discovery.

Tony’s book on personal “ACTIVATION” is HERE! Imagine a book that took you on a journey that unlocked your purpose. A book that has specific ingredients to put you on a clear path of discovery. Tony’s first book is a transformational book like no other. It is a book of “activation” and how you can manifest the life you deserve with the specific action steps on how to stay on the path. How to Give Birth to a Kondor A Guide to Discovery Is available NOW!  All orders receive a personalized signed copy and special offering from Tony. Whatever time we have should be in the pursuit of discovery. My life’s work is within the pages of this book. The blueprint you seek for the life you deserve is here.  I am filled with joy that I get to bring the message of "activation" to you!” 

Mojo is an energy within us all.  When we are in a state of Mojo “flow,” the answers come quickly, our energy skyrockets, relationships, life and all the moving parts are experiencing an effortless state.  Our ability to create, be productive, handle the ebb and flow of our daily regimen seem effortless.  When absent of our personal and business Mojo, desperation, stress, anxiety, change in sleep patterns, depression, temperament, diet and so much more can wreak havoc in our environment and immune system. Mojo can be obtained and sustained if the right internal system is in place.  When your Mojo is working energetically you operating in your emotional talent and gift zone.  It is the sweet spot free of your blind spots. You don’t have to lose your Mojo only rediscover and ignite it.


What Is Mojo?

If you don't evolve...you dissolve.


For over 3 decades Tony has worked with a variety of companies and has personally built an organization that has done over 454 million in sales. Small business, foundations, universities and Fortune 500 companies have used Tony to empower their organizations.


He has traveled the globe to learn different modalities that when implemented will cause instant and permanent change in every individual.


As a certified clinical hypnotherapist for over a decade, he understands how the mind is wired for change and massive expansion if the right elements are in place. In order to create dramatic results you must combine different elements. You must “tingle” all the senses. He has discovered the pattern and is sharing it with the world.


Tony is the most versatile and connected mentor available today. His mission is simple... to educate, activate and unveil the next action steps for his clients.


What I have experienced has shaped me...what happens next defines me.




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